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About Keyword Position Checker - A Online Free Keyword Position Checker Tool

All information about the DiscoverBro Keyword Position Checker tool!

If a website is given to you, how would you find out what keywords that website is ranking for? If you don't already know, you can use the free Keyword Rank Checker tool. This is a free tool that offers 100% accuracy and has been designed to help you track your keywords to keep your website ranking and growing. You can find the best keywords to market your website by checking your website's ranking and market position with our free tool.

This is your seo data-driven

You must be data-driven in your operations and avoid optimizing in a random manner if you want to effectively fight for top rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

The placements of your website in SERPs for the keywords you're targeting are among the most important pieces of information to know.

You'll need a keyword position checker to determine that.

about keyword position checker by Discover Bro SEO Tool

A tool called a "Keyword Position Checker" is used to determine where a website or URL ranks in a search engine (especially Google) for a certain keyword in relation to other websites that are competing for the same term.

For instance, if you manage a website about smartphones, you might be interested in learning where it now stands in Google's rankings for the phrase "best smartphones."

You may see this data for FREE using our keyword ranking tool. The instrument is not only quick and easy to use but also incredibly dependable and powerful.

how to use keyword position checker by DiscoverBro SEO Tools

Thus, utilizing this program is utterly straightforward.

To utilize it, you don't need to be an expert SEO or have any technical knowledge.

The only five steps you must take are listed below:

Step 1: From where you are presently on this website (, scroll up to the areas where you can enter your information.

(Step #2:) In the box labeled "Your domain," enter your website's URL (or the URL of a rival). You wish to examine the position of this website.

(Step #3:) Choose the Google search engine you want to use to check your ranking. The default is, however depending on the nation you are targeting, you can also choose from other Google TLDs.

(Step #4) Type the keywords you wish to check in the "Your keywords" box for the positions you want to check. You can enter up to 22 keywords for each check in our online rank checker. However, make sure you only insert one term per line.

Step #5: To run your check after finishing, click "Check Position."

Our well-designed, powerful algorithm will deliver the findings in a few lovely seconds, and they typically appear as follows: is ranked first for the keyword "keyword position" in the screenshot up top.

The outcome will provide you with a better understanding of the competition surrounding the phrases you're targeting and how to approach your work to accomplish your goals.


What is a keyword position checker?

A keyword position checker is a tool that can be used to see how difficult it is to rank a certain keyword. For example, if you are trying to rank your company on Google, this tool will help you figure out what keywords are ranking the highest and what terms don't rank at all.


What is a ranking check?

A ranking check is a way for companies to see how they are doing in their field. For example, a ranking check might be if you are an online business, website, or blog post and you are selling high-end products, you might have a ranking check to check and see what is the most expensive product you sell.


What are the benefits of using a keyword position checker?

Keyword position checkers track the competition of the keywords that you want to rank for and give a rough estimate of how much traffic they are getting. It is important to know how much traffic that specific keyword is getting in order to decide whether you want to rank for it or not.

What are the features?

It is a keyword position checker that allows you to find out how to rank Google for your specific keyword. It is free and you can use it to check in real time.

  • Promote your business on social media
  • Track competition and keywords
  • Keyword checker
  • Up-to-date pricing to help you budget

how does the DiscoverBro keyword position checker tool do the magic?

Since this is a tool for determining search engine rankings, it searches through search engine results for the word or phrase you supplied to determine the position held by the relevant website.

If "1" appears in the results, the entered website is currently ranked first on Google in the country that was chosen. Position #100 is indicated if it says "100." Do you see what I mean?

Read our SEO blog for the greatest tips and most recent information on how to rank higher on Google and other search engines if you're not content with your site's position on SERPs.


  • But generally, you should take the following actions:
  • Regularly release top-notch content
  • creating high-quality backlinks
  • carry out a keyword search
  • Conduct regular SEO assessments of your website.
  • RankBrain-optimize your content (because it is the third most important Google ranking signal).
  • all of the above.

Additionally, you should utilize our many other free SEO tools, such as the Keyword Suggestions Tool, Backlink Maker, and Keyword Competition Checker, Keyword Density Checker.

How to use a keyword position checker?

A keyword position checker is a tool that helps you find the most profitable keywords that are related to your business. The tool will show you the top keywords and the position of each keyword so you know where to start when developing your content.

How to find your website's ranking

In order to find your website's ranking, you will have to do some research. There are various ways you can do this. If you have a paid account with Google, you can log in to your Google AdWords account and go to the "Search Site Optimization" tab to see your website's ranking. If you have a website built with a CMS like WordPress or Drupal, you can head over to and look through the "Search Console" to see your ranking. If you don't have a website, you can sign up for a free site using a tool like Wix.

How to find keywords for your website

There are two ways to find keywords for your website. The first is to think about the information that you want to present on your website. If your website is about gardening, then you want to make sure you have specific keywords in mind that are related to that topic. This can be done by doing research on the keywords that are already being used in the website industry. To find keywords that are currently being used, Google "keyword" and then "KW search" (this will allow you to refine your search by the number of searches that the word is receiving). The second way to find keywords is by simply typing in your website URL followed by the word that you want to find. It is also worth noting that if you are targeting an industry, you should use keywords that are related to the industry because it will make it easier for people to find your website.


How to find keywords for your competitor's website

First, go to your competitor's website. From there, you can use the search bar and search for the keywords that you are interested in.
Next, you should try to find keywords that people are searching for and that are not on your competitor's website. If you're looking for "dog grooming" and it's not on your competitor's website, you should look for words like "contact information" or "contact form".
Finally, check out the Google Keywords tool. This tool allows you to find keywords that are popular on the internet.


How to see your current ranking

The first place that you would want to go is Google. Click on the search bar and type in "ranking" and select "Activity" as the search type. Then type in your website (example:, click "Create" and then the "Search" button.


How to calculate your position to get accurate data

The formula for calculating your position is x = (a/b) * y, where x is the position, y is the length, and a and b are constants. In this equation, a is the distance of your starting point from the
origin, and b is the distance of the destination. In this example, if your starting position is at 1 and your destination is at 3, your distance is 5. You can then calculate the distance by multiplying the position by the length. Your position would be:
Position = 5 * 5 = 25.


How to use the Google Ranking and Position Checker

To use the Google Ranking and Position Checker, go to Google and then type in your website's address. Then, hit search for "Google ranking and position checker" and it will bring you to a page that will ask for your website's title but you can always just type in your website's address. The website will then show you a summary of how many visitors your website gets, the organic keywords your website gets, what the average position is, and what the average click-through rate is.


How to change your keyword position checker default language

To change your keyword position checker default language, go to the Settings in your website and then click on the "Keyword Position Checker" tab. From there you can change the default language from English to Spanish.


Keywords to use when checking your website's ranking

-Domain age
-Uses keywords
-Having a current domain
-On-page SEO
-Off-page SEO


Keyword Position Checker is a tool that lets you instantly see where you rank in Google for any keyword

Keyword Position Checker is a tool that lets you instantly see where you rank in Google for any keyword. It's a great way to see if you are on the first page or if you are not getting any traffic from your keywords. If you are not making any changes to your site, then it's a good idea to see where you rank.


You can see how your website is performing on search engine rankings for a specific keyword

If you want to see how your website is performing on search engine rankings for a specific keyword, you can do so by looking at the organic rankings of your site. You can find your organic rankings by looking at the search engine results for a specific keyword.


The Keyword Position Checker FAQ

The Keyword Position Checker tool was created to help people who are writing content for the search engines. It can help to identify what keywords are most likely to be searched for in a certain location. The tool is free, easy to use and it provides the user with a list of keywords along with a number that corresponds to how well those keywords are searched for in that location.

Q: How do I use the keyword position checker?
A: You can use the Keyword Position Checker to check the amount of competition your keyword has with other keywords in Google Adwords.

Q: How often do you update your Keyword Position Checker?
A: We update it as often as we can, but that's hard to say how often because it varies.



We hope you enjoyed our this free Keyword Position Checker tool provided by The free tool allows you to get 100% accurate results with its shareable ranking reports. The tool is great for anyone who would like to check their website ranking. Check back often for more helpful content like this! If you want to learn more about this helpful tool, you can contact us.